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Siperson Entertainment Podcast

The Siperson Entertainment Podcast consists of three different shows that are posted on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays on the podcasting site Mixcloud.  These shows include UrbanHeat, Saturday Night Buzz, and Hour of Praise.  Each show will cover different music genres and are played each week.  You can access the podcasts at www.mixcloud.com/djcatapillar.

UrbanHeat is a show that plays R&B, hip-hop, and old school music.  If you love listening to urban music, then UrbanHeat is the podcast for you.  This show is similar to radio staions like Hot 97 and WGCI.  Not only does this show plays some of the mainstream music, but underground music is also played.  A new show is posted every Wednesday at 12PM CST.

Saturday Night Buzz is a show that plays hit music that include Top 40, country, pop, rock, etc.  EDM mixes are played on the show as well.  The show is similar to radio stations like Z100 and music shows like PopCrush Nights, Open House Party, and On Air with Ryan Seacrest.  If you like to listen to the most popular hit music and electronic dance mixes, this show will give it to you!  Throwback music is also played on some weekends as well.  A new show is posted every Saturday at 7PM CST.

Hour of Praise is a show that plays gospel and inspirational music.  If you’re looking for uplifting music to start your day, this show will give you some positive energy.  You will hear gospel, Christian hip-hop/R&B, and other music that is inspirational and motivational.  A new show is posted every Sunday at 9AM CST.

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