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Music Production


Beat Production

Are you an artist looking for instrumentals for your next project?  If you are, check out the online store to preview and purchase instrumentals produced by Jermaine Anderson (aka DJ Catapillar).  These instrumentals are from different genres and are vocal ready.  You can choose between non-exclusive and exclusive rights to each instrumental.  Beat store coming soon!

Radio Ads

Companies and organizations use radio ads constantly when they want to promote their products.  I can help with creating or editing your ad by combining your background music and vocals together.  They will be mixed and mastered using digital software to give you great sound and clarity.  Contact me for price quotes.


Check out some of the instrumental projects and music compilations produced by DJ Catapillar in the online store coming soon!

Car Radio


This service is for any DJ’s who would like for me to make radio edits for any songs where finding radio edits are difficult.  Some songs don’t have radio edits available online, but it’s still possible to create them using special music editing software.  Any profanity and/or other explicit content will be omitted from the tracks.  Editing techniques include word removal and/or sound fx. 

Cost:  $20/song or $50 for 3 songs.

Click the play icon to watch a video demonstration of track editing

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